6 levels, from beginners to advanced students

At Learn French Online our teachers work with the European Framework of Reference for Languages which consist of a 6-level scale starting from A1 for complete beginners to C2 for students of French who have a very good command of the language who are looking for last improvements.

We have 6 different programs available depending on your level:

A1 Complete beginner: the student has no previous knowledge of French
A2 False beginner: the student is a beginner with basic knowledge of French
B1 Intermediate level: the student has reached a conversational level
B2 Upper intermediate: the student has a good conversational level but want to correct his/her mistakes
C1 Advanced: for those who are already fluent in French and yet are looking for improvements
C2 Proficiency: the person is aiming for zero mistakes / native-speaker level


Once you have found what your level is, you can send us an email at contact@learn-french-online.com or contact us via Skype by adding frenchonskype1 to your contact list to book your online course. One of our teachers will be in touch with you to answer your questions and arrange your first lesson.

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